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Books with a Difference

If you enjoy reading a good story but also like to have come away with more than just the feeling of being entertained after finishing it, then the books you find here will more than likely appeal to you. Some are a mixture of fact, fiction and the paranormal but all have something to offer in the way of addressing the many questions we ask ourselves about this mysterious life that we lead.

With the choice of paperback, eBook or audio book, there is something to suit your preferred way of getting involved in whatever title you are interested in. Each book has its own dedicated section on this web site where you can see a description of what it's about plus preview samples of the chapters and main features. Tracks of the audio are also available for listening to or for downloading into your computer to review later. You will find lots of information which should help you select what you like. There are also videos which have been created to accompany and compliment certain titles.

Free Videos - All videos are free to download, watch on this web site or on YouTube. While promoting the individual book they are primarily created to enhance the experience of what important information is contained within the book. Sometimes words simply aren't enough and so, to get the message across in the way which it has the most impact then a visual experience has been created.

Mind Magic in Motion - Let your imagination expand while reading many stories which take you into realms of our world and the universe that you may not appreciate actually exist. Some material is channeled where wisdom from beyond this realm is presented so as to bring an evolving level of understanding of a great many things which continue to perplex us all. Be prepared to see life differently.

Created just for You

The advantage which you have in buying from us is that we treat everything that we sell as having been specially created for you. We are not concerned with selling volumes of inanimate products out of boxes which have been sitting on cold warehouse shelves, we sell small works of art which have been lovingly put together for your benefit.

All of our Books, eBooks and Audio CDs have been prepared for sale with the minimum amount of mechanisation and this is the way we like it to be. Each item contain an 'energy' which you will ultimately be influenced by. Many people are only just becoming aware of this aspect of our lives in the way that each 'thing' and everyone around us has an influence on the other. So it is with books and audio books. Even eBooks, which appear to exist solely in the unemotional vacuum of the digital realm, have an energy attached to them. If you are interested to find out more about this fascinating subject then please take a look at our link to Dr Emoto's work winch we mention in the links page - click [HERE] to go straight to it.


A Different World

The paranormal content of what you will discover in the books and audio CDs listed here may be of a nature that you haven't come across before. If this is the case then there is a section where you will have access to more information along with resources and recommendations which will then guide you towards other areas of interest.

On the Links page there are many suggestions for web sites that you might like to investigate. Many of these sites have a great deal of in-depth information on subjects which hopefully will lead you towards a better and more complete appreciation for whatever you find the need to more fully understand.

What you will find here is not only about the books, eBooks and audio books but also articles and podcasts which will hopefully enhance and expand your reading or listening experience. The books we publish are more than simply a medium to convey information that we package and sell, they are works which we are involved in and so have a desire that this should be appreciated in the most beneficial way possible. Many aspects of this site have been created with this philosophy in mind.