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Listen to the Author reading the Book

If you would prefer to listen to the story being read, while experiencing the original energy with which the words were written, then we have produced audio CDs and MP3 files which hopefully you will enjoy. Each paperback book title has, or will have, an accompanying audio book but due to the length of time it takes to produce some of these audio tracks then they will follow the book release at a later date. Our newsletter will keep you informed of this so please be sure to sign up for it or simply follow the blogs.

An audio book is especially useful if you are on the move and wanting to hear the story or to just keep up with your reading while not being able to access your book. It can also be a great advantage to those who have difficulty in reading for any reason but there is another advantage too. ALl of our books have a great deal of information and guidance about this life we lead. You may be able to appreciate much of this from simply reading the book but quite often the author can make you more keenly aware of things which you either may have not considered before that time or simply didn't know about.

In keeping with the well known wisdom winch states that 'It's not what you say but how you say it' then listening to the audio book will surely bring you a greater depth of understanding where the various messages are concerned. You may even find that having read a book then you want to listen to the audio so as to get more from what you've already read.

Extracts - As with everything else, there are samples of the audio tracks which you can listen to on this site or simply download them into your favourite player, phone or PC/Tablet. You can even use the audio samples to check out whether the paperback or eBook versions are what you would enjoy reading. Listening can be more convenient when you're not able to sit quietly and read the text.

Audio Book CD - ISBN 978-0-9926094-2-7 - Page equiv 388

Running time = 10.5 Hrs

£6.99 (UK) - $9.99 (USA)


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Audio Book MP3 - ISBN 978-0-9926094-2-7 - Page equiv 388

Running time = 10.5 Hrs

£4.99 (UK) - $5.99 (USA)


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Next Planned Release

Amortrea - Audio Book CD

Following the release of this book in paperback form there will be an audio book to follow in the early part of 2014. Before the publishing of the complete Audio book, preview extracts will be available as and when the tracks are finalised. If you would like to be notified of when this happens then please sign up for our newsletter.

Audio Book CD - ISBN 978-0-9926094 - Page equiv 420

Running time = 12.5 Hrs

£6.99 (UK) - $9.99 (USA)

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