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Authors and their Work

When reading or listening to the books which you find here the it's best done while focusing on the words alone. As you may have gathered by now, the works are more than just about providing entertainment as there is something very special about each one. The way in which the material is crafted represents an opportunity which has been created so that you may gain as much as possible from your experience.

In this respect the author becomes secondary where everything which needs to be known is conveyed by the writing. The words need to be carefully listened to and absorbed without the influence of any other qualification other than that of a willingness to consider what is being said or expressed and then appreciating it for what you feel that it represents to you.

In understanding that some people do like to have more information about the author then you can read more here.

Janet Darling

Home Town - Lansing, Michigan

Star Sign - Sagittarius

Sagittarius Traits: Frank, fearless and generous, the Archers or Sagittarius are a different set altogether. Many tend to remain in their own worlds, immersed deeply in culture, intellectual and creative pursuits, travel and self-appreciation. Lovers of freedom, they tend to be independent and supremely confident. Some of these strong traits may actually lean towards a delightful eccentricity in their nature. However, this attitude may sometimes confuse people who see their own world in more prosaic and well ordered terms. Sagittarians are also perceived as being overly energetic with wavering minds where conversations can often take on a 'grasshopper' quality.

Janet was born in Lansing Michigan, USA and has lived there all of her life. From very early on she had a sense that her ideas about life and the world which we live in were somewhat different from others around her. However, it wasn't until later in life that she began to develop a greater interest in taking the time to find out just exactly why this was the case.

After successfully raising her three children and launching them on their paths to adulthood, Janet delved into the world of hypnotherapy where she eventually qualified as a CHT in order to help others. In concert with this she became an ordained minister where, of all the things that she is able to do because of it, marrying people gives her the greatest pleasure.

Finding her twin soul in such a sudden and compelling manner, and then having to re-evaluate her whole life as a result, meant that Janet had to make some very difficult choices while having only her own inner guidance and her unshakable faith in the enduring power of love to rely on. This faith was to be tested when she found herself starting out on a long and eventful quest for answers from the world of medical science when unexpectedly confronted with having to deal with her new husband's subsequently diagnosed terminal illness. This came as tremendous shock after such a short time of marriage.

Undaunted, Janet, with her spirited and tireless nature explored every avenue in search of a cure for her husband's condition but to no avail. Soon she found herself to be in need of a different kind of answer to more searching questions of a deeply spiritual nature. This in turn spurred her resolve to understand and appreciate the very difficult lessons which she and her husband had been presented with.

Even their final parting was something which she faced with an awareness of a greater purpose to life. As a consequence of all this her wonderful story is filled with inspiration as well as a lasting message to us all.

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Phillip George

Home Town - Bristol, England

Star Sign - Gemini

Gemini Traits: Multi-talented, free thinking, talkative, social, scattered, diverse interests, loves variety and excitement. The third sector of the zodiac is all about intelligence and communication. Being born under this sign generally means having a gift for and love of using mental abilities as well as needing to express those abilities to the fullest extent.

Anything that gets a Gemini's mind ticking over will prove to be fascinating where there is a constant need to challenge their mental abilities where they will make extra efforts to understand anything which they put their mind to. The twins can’t comprehend why other people don’t feel the same way about life and all the fascinating aspects of it as they do. To them, this kind of stimulation is their life blood. Anyone who engages a Gemini in quick-witted and thoughtful banter will win their heart for sure.

Geminis take an interest in anything which requires a little brain power. Reading and ferreting out information on the Internet are a perfect way for them to unwind. Communication is one of their favorite pastimes where writing and creating entertaining stories is much better than watching TV. Sharing thoughts and ideas with friends and strangers alike is far more exhilarating than driving a fast car.

Phillip was born in Bristol UK and has lived there all of his life. Starting out his working life in the field of electronics he progressed into his own business where he became involved in the world of show business during the late seventies and early eighties. While working and touring with many different levels of musicians and performers he got to experience life at its richest and most varied.

Travelling around Europe and America through the freedom of having a pilot's license he also got to see the world from the air. The fascination for what he came to appreciate in a way he had never anticipated remains the same to this day. His Gemini mind, which had from a very young age yearned to know how everything worked, sought constantly to understand who created such a beautiful earth and those who inhabit it.

Through his quest to find answers he was led to many unexpected places and gifted people who were able to teach him how to see things differently. From these teachings he progressed to writing while feeling strongly motivated to share all that he had come to appreciate and value with others of like mind.

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