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The Timeless Love of Twin Souls

Janet Kay Darling & Phillip George

ISBN: 978-0-9926094-0-5 - 388 pages - Published July 2014

Finding love, understanding love, as well as appreciating our true self for who we really are, continues to be shrouded in the mystery of our day to day earthly existence. This enduring lack of understanding only serves to perpetuate an unwarranted sense of incompleteness and loneliness deep within us which all too often gives rise to feelings of fear, despair and discontent. So, as a consequence, we experience an insatiable desire to search for a mystifying 'something' which we somehow instinctively know we need but have little or no idea where to even begin looking.

Concealed within this dilemma, and even more perplexing, lies the concept of our eternal soul. This elemental but powerful 'you' resides unacknowledged at the core of your very being while remaining seemingly silent as you journey in search of your ultimate happiness. This subject alone has occupied the minds of philosophers throughout the ages but to be aware that we have another aspect to compliment our earthly existence is as intriguing as it is confusing. To appreciate that each soul is but one half of its twin gives rise to an important insight into what motivates our need to do the things that we do, or to search for what we feel driven to find.

This remarkable story tells of two people, Ron and Janet who not only found each other in this lifetime but were also together in a previous and very dramatic lifetime while being caught up in the revolutionary war which ultimately gave birth to the USA of today. Through following their experiences, trials, traumas and triumphs, plus journeys into the afterlife, you will learn more about not only how they discovered themselves to be twin souls but how important this whole subject is and what it means to you.

In trying to figure out what compels you to do the things that you do while making the choices that you do, then having an appreciation of the twin soul that you are brings an extra dimension of clarity. Through coming to know yourself better, then this inevitably leads to discovering your path towards your greatest happiness while attracting and expressing the love which you so dearly wish to experience along the way.

While reading an entertaining story you will find yourself being drawn in to a process which poses many questions about the life that we lead as well as what makes you who you are. Combining real life experience with that of a fascinating journey into a world which we have virtually no understanding of then you will be led towards a greater appreciation of the love which is so important to you.

The final chapter provides a self help plan for inclusion in your day to day life so as to reinforce and compliment whatever you will have gained from reading this book. It may well take more than one reading to absorb much of the invaluable wisdom, as well as the many insights, but it is something which you may feel the need to come back to time and time again as your journey continues.

If you want to be entertained with an engaging story while gaining a greater insight into the whole subject of life, love and twin souls in the process then this is the book for you.

Price £9.95 (UK) - $14.95 (USA) - $17.95 (CAN)

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Hardback Editions

From time to time we produce hardback books and keep small quantities in stock. We appreciate that some readers like to have a hardback copy of a book which they want to keep for a long time. This is something that we do like to provide but because of the relatively small demand in comparison to paperback books then they may not be available on a continuous basis where some are made to special order.

If at any time you would like to order a hardback edition from us then please check with our store to get the latest stock situation. If the book is out of print at the this time then there should be an idea of delivery times. If not then please use the mail form to let us know of your needs.


New Titles Available Soon

The next planned releases will be two books which are the first in their series. Each title will be from the thriller/mystery/romance category and, as with most every book that we sell, will be focused on the paranormal. They will both be available in paperback and ebook format along with Audio versions which are planned for the not too distant future.

Previews and extracts are hopefully going to be put up on this site soon so if you would like to know when this happens then please sign up for our newsletter. Click HERE for the link to get straight to the right page.

A Brief synopsis of each

Chronicles of a Secret Pathway

The Long Night of the Fire Angel

This is the first in a series of four books, maybe more.

Centred around the sleepy hamlet of Bingham Brough in Southern England, certain staff of an up market nursing home encounter an enigmatic and Svengali-like resident who exerts a powerful life-changing influence on them. A catastrophe at the nearby golf club is connected but what unfolds for everyone involved is way beyond anyone's imagination or ability to cope with. The first three books cover the events of a twenty four hour period but this is only measured in terms of our earthly understanding. Much more happens outside of this dimension which brings about a great change in the chosen destiny of all who fall under its spell.

Chronicles of a Secret Pathway involves the reader with each of the main characters and in doing so leads them to a broader and better understanding of their own journey; along with their inevitable encounters and experiences.

Planned release date : Last part of 2016


Never Open this Door

Book 1 is the first in a series of at least six books.

Set in eastern Pennsylvania, the Villa Santa Maria de Cordoba is home to over five hundred impressionable teenage girls who are mostly boarders.The school has a long standing reputation amongst the community of the nearby town and is noted for the quality and calibre of its students. One of them is Marianne Eden. She is a talented but somewhat reserved young lady who doesn't really fit in with the mainstream crowd. While approaching her seventeenth birthday she suddenly begins to discover her true gift. Marianne and her best friend Kelsey O'Hara concoct a scheme to impress other pupils by holding secret seances where Marianne makes strange things happen. It's all meant to be a bit of scary fun while making money for Kelsey and Marianne in the process.

Unknown to them, there is much more going on at the school than they can possibly imagine where their innocent antics bring about repercussions which soon lead them into situations which are way out of their depth. Within a short space of time Marianne finds herself having to come to terms with the obvious benefits of her physic gift as well as the often stunning drawbacks and dramatic consequences.

At the heart of the school complex lies the remnants of what used to be an old convent which dates back to the time of just before the revolutionary war. It's chequered history finally sealed its fate where it became abandoned for many decades. But what underlying force which caused the initial downfall has only been dormant while awaiting an opportunity to reappear. Marianne, with her gift, presents a threat to it and so a dangerous and challenging situation unfolds as a result. In doing battle with the darkest of forces Marianne receives help from people and dimensions which she would never have imagined existed.

Planned release date : Mar 2016

7 Nights in 1 Day

Book 1 is the first in a series of at least seven books.

The old Georgian town of Rexton Spa in the heart of England has long been noted for its passion for the arts. Arden's Academy trains young hopefuls who aspire to be professional and successful musicians, dancers and actors. Ashley is a young man with ambition but after having entered into a world which he had always dreamed of, and studying modern music and the classics, he finds himself caught up in another world which he had no idea existed.

Hannaberry House stands in the midst of plush manicured lawns in an estate which exists where it shouldn't. On discovering it and the world of magical music which it contains, Ashley finds himself very attracted to the people who inhabit this world as well as what they teach him but he also learns of what fate is about to befall his own world as seen by those who exist outside it.

Moving between worlds while also having to contend with discovering love in different dimensions, Ashley needs a lot of help which comes from people he meets in various parts of the world. To save his own dimension he and his group must complete an almost impossible set of tasks which seem to defy the very laws of nature. In attempting to do so it challenges everything which constitutes our acceptance of what we term everyday existence.

Planned release date : Autumn 2016

A Spiritual Guide to Ceremony

Rev Mary M Pompeo

A Unique Reference for anyone involved in Ceremony and Ritual

This wonderful book has been created by someone who has had a lifetime of experience in conducting many different types of formal ceremonies and sacred rituals. Within this book, Mary Pompeo has provided not only a selection of 'templates' for anyone who wishes to conduct a ceremony or ritual, but also she explains much of the reasons behind what is intended to be performed.

For minister and participant alike, this is an invaluable asset. One that can be used to enhance any sacred occasion where either the energy of powerful words are needed to be expressed or the understanding of what lies behind the nature of ceremony brings about a greater and more rewarding involvement.

With each ceremony or ritual explained, as well as being accompanied by questions which may be asked of the principal participants, this is much more than just a manual for simply quoting from so as to address a particular gathering.

Through bringing her many years of needing to compose meaningful scripts as alternatives to prescribed texts from mainstream religion, Mary has gained a wonderful insight into what best suits the needs of an impressive variety of occasions.

A 'must have' for any alternative minster or conscientious participant.

A .pdf file will be available for download to accompany the book so as to facilitate the compiling and printing of a custom made ceremony or ritual booklet which can be personalised by filling in the names of those involved.

Planned release date : Oct 2016