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If you would like to get in touch about anything regarding sales or other book related issues, then please use the contact form below. We will respond to you as quickly as possible and always appreciate your comments and input.

Office locations are - Lansing, MI USA and Bristol UK


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Book supplies / Problems obtaining copies etc.

Supply Problems

If for any reason you experience problems with getting our books from a reseller then please use the form above to let us know. We will do everything possible to ensure that you get your book(s) as quickly as is practical.


Autographed Copies

Sometimes on special request, we offer autographed copies of our titles when you buy direct from us. If this is something that you would like, please contact us by using the form above.


eBook Formating / Reading

If you have purchased an eBook and found that your reading experience is less than perfect, with regards to how the text is displayed, please let us know. With such a variety of reading platforms now available, it's tricky keeping up with what works best for every model/app combination currently in production.


Should you have difficulties in getting the most enjoyable reading display on your device, then please let us have the details of your eReader/App and eBook format. Use the form above to tell us about your situation and we will look into it, with the aim of modifying the file to suit your needs - if possible (which it should be).



At present the only method which we have for accepting electronic payments is via the Paypal system. If this is not something which is a suitable or practical option then please use the contact form to arrange another method of purchase. Anything that we can do to help and make things easier then we will be happy to do.


Manuscript Submissions

Being a small specialist publisher we have limited resources and time. The titles that we have at present keep us very busy with either promotion or preparation for publication. So, there is little opportunity for us to devote to reading and/or evaluating new works in respect of how a traditional publisher operates.


However, we do have the ability to take on projects where authors are prepared to finance the publication and promotion of their manuscript; in either physical or digital format. This can encompass the whole process of book creation to simply getting a pre-designed title to market, into the hands of national distributors and then advertised. Naturally, costs can vary widely depending on the project, and so it’s essential to look at what’s needed in the first instance, and then prepare a suitable plan / estimate. Please get in touch via the contact form for more information on this.


Also, wherever possible we will be happy to give help and advice. Take a look at our Services page where there is a list of resources which you may find useful.


Whatever else, if you are a new author looking to get published then we do wish you every success in your efforts to get your work out to the public at large. We do appreciate how difficult and often daunting a prospect this is. Persistence is everything.


Large Print Books

Books may be available in large print format for ease of reading. These are produced to special order where the format is either A4 or Letter sized printed books which are spiral bound for ease of access.


This is a service which we offer for the benefit of anyone who would like to have a copy of any book in our range but who have trouble with reading regular size print. Books are supplied at cost as we do not wish to profit from this service. It's our pleasure to help in this way while seeking to spread joy, entertainment and enlightenment wherever we can.


Please send an email to either the USA or UK addresses above and we will reply as soon as possible.


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