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Contact US

If you would like to get in touch about anything or you want our postal address then please use either of the email addresses listed below to contact us or to get the full mailing details depending on where you are.

For USA then our email is -


for the UK and Europe it's -

-- Or use the on-line form below --

Postal addresses are -

for USA - Lansing, MI 48917 - ( contact Janet )

for UK and Europe - Bristol BS4 UK - ( contact Phillip )

Our Store - Payment System

At the present time our on-line store is fairly basic in that we have yet to establish a secure merchant connection with a supplier. We are looking to do this but in the mean time we offer the alternative of paying via Paypal which is safe and offers built in guarantees for secure purchases as well as intervening over any loses which may occur.

It's not necessary to have an account with Paypal to make a payment as they allow you to use your credit card to transfer money to an email address. If you experience any problems then please let us know.

Large Print Books

Books may be available in large print format for ease of reading. These are produced to special order where the format is either A4 or Letter sized printed books which are spiral bound for ease of access.

This is a service which we offer for the benefit of anyone who would like to have a copy of any book in our range but who have trouble with reading regular size print. Books are supplied at cost as we do not wish to profit from this service. It's our pleasure to help in this way while seeking to spread joy, entertainment and enlightenment wherever we can.

Please send an email to either the USA or UK addresses above and we will reply as soon as possible.

Library/Trial Books

If you are still not sure about purchasing a book after reading the chapter samples then please don't give up. Having found your way to this site and then reading as much as you have, there is still another option which you might like to consider.

We keep as few books for 'library' use and will be pleased to send one to you whenever there is a copy available - if you're happy to pay the postage when you return it to us. After you've read it, and then you decide to buy a copy for yourself or a friend, we can either sell you the copy that you already have at a discount price ( as most of our loan books are in almost new condition ) or send you a brand new one.

All you need to do is contact us via email ( see the details above on this page ) and we will let you know as soon as a book is available.

Problems with supply from Book Stores

If for any reason you experience problems with getting our books from a reseller then please use the form below to let us know. We will do everything possible to ensure that you get your book(s) as quickly as is practical and that the store has stock.

Book/Manuscript Submissions

Being a small specialist publisher we have limited resources and time. The titles that we have at present keep us very busy with either promotion or preparation for publication and so there is little opportunity for us to devote to reading and/or evaluating new works.

Wherever possible we will be happy to give help and advice but until our circumstances change then that's as much as we can practically offer new authors.

Whatever else, if you are a new author looking to get published then we do wish you every success in your efforts to get your work out to the public at large. We do appreciate how difficult and often daunting a prospect this is.

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