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Through buying from an independent publisher then you are essentially helping to spread the availability of creative works which may otherwise never have made it into the marketplace. Your purchase is invaluable insomuch as it means that many more talented writers and artists are able to offer their creativity to a much wider audience.


It also means that you're pretty much guaranteed to be able to read the author's unadulterated text which hasn't had to pass through endless layers of modifications and amendments at a large publishing house; so as to be considered a probable commercial success before release. Independence of expression equates to the avoidance of being formulaic. What you read as a result will hold a greater potential for expanding your consciousness through being exposed to the true nature of others whose ideas your are exposed to.


If you enjoy being able to get a glimpse of the writer's character, as well as the ones that he or she writes about, then the books and eBooks from an Independent publisher will be one of the best places to go for them.

The only aspect to take into consideration in this respect is the quality of the work on offer, but this should be adequately reflected in the nature of their web presence. Their website for instance.


Similarly with book cover design, which is so important as regards first impressions, so is the presentation of the publishing company. We hope that this web site gives you a good feeling about what we offer but we always welcome any suggestions for improvements that you might have.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. It's much appreciated.


Phillip Thorne


Support Your Local Bookstore

Even though buying on-line may be a convenient way to shop, it has its disadvantages. Real bricks and mortar book stores are run buy people who, in the main, have a passion for books and love to share what they've discovered. They also understand books as well as having a feel for those who buy them. They are there to give advice and make recommendations based on what you tell them you want or are looking for. They will probably have suggestions about titles that you wouldn't normally have known existed or may never have even considered but which you may find fascinating as well as entertaining and enlightening after having been introduced to them.


On-line sources can't do this for you, other than to create a guess based on artificial intelligence algorithms, and neither do they bring you face to face with people who you can share your thoughts and experiences with.


Books are mainly about people and written by people in a language that we understand. Communication is important where I'd rather be saying this to you than having you read it. But it's a start and thank you for taking the time to learn more about this subject.


We support traditional book stores as much as possible because they're needed in any society no matter how much technology endeavours to make them redundant. Life is about communication. People speak to one another while sharing their passions, knowledge, ideas and opinions. This is how societies evolve and prosper. The isolationist tendency of computer systems, where we are progressing towards a world of pseudo-androids, is not what humanity needs. We need live, face-to-face interaction.


Book stores are also wonderful places to wind down in. The atmosphere is conducive to encouraging the 'browser' to appreciate how stressful life had become and so offers the opportunity to change things. If you don't have the time to spend looking for a good book to read then what else don't you have the time for and what are you missing out on?


Maybe it's time to re-think things.


Words of Wisdom

Magic Book

We read in order to expand our knowledge of so many aspects of this mysterious life, while in doing so we hope to gain a better understanding of ourselves in the process. This has been the perpetual quest of mankind since the time that writing existed and others have been motivated to share things with us in this way.


However, knowledge in and of itself has no real value to anyone. Without the accompanying guidance of our intuitive nature, or our own innate wisdom, then it's like a rudderless ship that has no captain. It has no helpful or meaningful direction.


Being in such a state, our 'informed' vessel will simply wander aimlessly across the vast uncharted oceans of a pointless existence. It will never discover the intended harbour of our heartfelt ambitions, hopes and dreams, which is its patiently waiting true home.


Knowledge will tell you 'how' to navigate your vessel, the vessel which is you, while wisdom 'knows' what course to set. Intention underpins the journey, where the will to actually get somewhere gives knowledge its true purpose. Knowledge exists to actively support a purpose, so as to ensure that you arrive at the destination which you strive towards; after longing for it in your heart of hearts.


In so doing, the wise mariner will be aware of everything which will influence his or her journey. This is done while making the best use of the tides and winds to reach the intended destination, after thoroughly enjoying the trip.


So it is with life. Storms may come, but they will pass; where the sun will reappear so as to warm the very core of your intrepid soul. Trust this to be so.

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