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If you enjoy reading a good story, but also like to have come away with more than just the feeling of being entertained after finishing it, then there are books here that will more than likely appeal to you. If inspiration and guidance is of more interest then there is that too. While some books are a mixture of fact, fiction and the paranormal, they all have something to offer in the way of being a source of stimulation and thought-provoking appeal. Overall, the books which you find on our website are designed to leave you wanting to read them more than once, as well as being something that you will want to keep.


With the choice of paperback, eBook or audio book, there is something to suit your preferred way of getting involved in whatever title you are interested in. Each book has its own dedicated section on this web site where you can see a description of what it's about, plus preview samples of the chapters and main features. Tracks of the audio are also available for listening to or for downloading into your computer to review later. You will find lots of information which should help you select what you like. There are also videos which have been created to accompany and compliment certain titles.



Mind Magic in Motion

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While the dominant world of visual information is the primary source of our sensory focus, words also contain the necessary elements to make sense of what we see. Vision alone is not enough. It's said that one picture can be worth a thousand words, but without the support of a meaningful explanation then a great deal can be missed in fully appreciating what is being seen. Reading expands the mind, because it needs the information. This provides the exercise which is necessary to encourage the flexibility that constantly fuels our imagination. Without this aspect of ourselves then our lives would be far less rich than how they are at the present time; and we would not evolve. We would be stuck in a constant state of ignorance and indifference to the wonders of the world around us.


Written works which have been produced through the 'magic' of the mind, serve to pass on that precious gift to each and every reader. Well-written books are an essential way of communicating the desire to share something really special with a fellow human being; and humanity in general. It's a vital component of the process which we term evolution. It's also a part of the magical way in which Nature encourages us all towards a true appreciation of our being just one big family. Life is about living and sharing, but this can only be fully appreciated through informed awareness. The mind is like a parachute, it's only any good when it's open.


So, let your imagination expand while reading many stories which take you into realms of our world and the universe that you may not appreciate actually exist. Some material is channeled where wisdom from beyond this realm is presented so as to bring an evolving level of understanding of a great many things which continue to perplex us all. Be prepared to see life differently.



A Different World

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The paranormal content of what you will discover in the books and audio CDs listed here may be of a nature that you haven't come across before. If this is the case then there is a section where you will have access to more information along with resources and recommendations which will then guide you towards other areas of interest.


On this page there are a few suggestions for web sites that you might like to investigate. Many of these sites have a great deal of in-depth information on a variety of subjects. Although, in some instances, they do not necessarily accurately reflect our own beliefs and opions, they have a lot to offer; which may well lead you towards a better and more complete appreciation for whatever you find the need to more fully understand. Even so, anything which causes you to think and to ask questions, invariably leads to an expansion of your consciousness and a better understanding of yourself.


What you will find here is not only about the books, eBooks and audio books but also articles and podcasts which will hopefully enhance and expand your reading or listening experience. The books we publish are more than simply a medium to convey information that we package and sell, they are works which we are involved in and so have a desire that this should be appreciated in the most beneficial way possible. Many aspects of this site have been created with this philosophy in mind.



Information on the Authors

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If you would like to read about the backgrounds, experiences and qualifications of the authors who have written our titles, we have included a page for each on this site. To find the one that you are interested in, please navigate to the page where the details of the relevent book appears. Once there, look under the section marked 'Ways to Buy', and you will see another section headed 'About the Author'. There will be and an icon / link button just underneath it.


This link will take you straight to the page of the author who wrote that particular book. Where there is more than one author, as in the case of The Timeless Love of Twin Souls, there will be more than one button, and some detail to say which is which.


If you prefer, use this quick link to take you to the BOOKS page.

Alternatively, if you already know the name of the Author who you would like to read about, please use these links to take you directly to the author page -




'There is nothing whatsoever that is going on in your life right now which is seemingly so terrible that prayer cannot make it better. Life can oftentimes seem harsh and grossly unfair, where the challenges which come from being this way can, on occasions, feel completely overwhelming. The act of praying takes on those challenges and infuses them with Divine Creative Energy; the very same energy that made our Universe and which continues to power our sun, so as to bring the vibrancy of life and brightness to everything.'


Mary Pompeo - from Find the Force, Be the Light


In respect of the material in our books, and the variety of subject matters covered in them, the links below may prove to be helpful in expanding your understanding.



Mary Pompeo's Blog Posts


Without Mary's gifted help and guidance then this web site may well not have come into being. If you want to know more about her teachings and advice on many aspects of life then be sure to visit her blog site and check out the many helpful posts which she has been putting up for a while now. Mary was instrumental in helping Ron and Janet to find their way more clearly along their spiritual pathway as well as telling them about their fascinating twin soul relationship with each other.


Janet's Youtube Videos


To help further with the understanding of Twin Souls and the subject in general, Janet Kay Darling has her own video channel. On it you will find several movies which serve to further explain aspects a quite complex and little understood part of our spiritual make-up. The latest of her videos can be found featured on the home page of this website, but this link will take you to the page which features all of her videos. Alternatively, this is the link to go direct to her Youtube Channel on the Internet - Youtube Channel Link


Eckhart Tolle's Website


This amazing man now has his own TV channel as well as his web site. Be sure to check out his book 'The Power of Now' which made him famous. His is a really fascinating story but the wisdom which he continues to offer is truly wonderful. In his own unique style he explains so much about how to achieve a greater level of happiness by taking control of your life, and living it in a more beneficial way.


What the Bleep do we Know


If you haven't come across this movie before now then be prepared to see things which will undoubtedly change your attitudes towards life. It may take more than one viewing to really appreciate all that's being said, but it's worth the time taken to do it. In their words - The movie takes viewers on a journey to unlock the secrets of life. Follow Amanda (Academy Award-winner Marlee Matlin), a divorced, middle-aged woman who is thrust into a world where science and spirituality converge. As her entire concept of reality is challenged, yours will be too. See for yourself why this groundbreaking movie became one of the most compelling and talked about films of the last decade.


The Thrive Movement


This is another web site with a lot of interesting information about the world which we live in and what really goes on. Watch the movie called Thrive ( another eye-opener ). Not only is this a website full of very interesting and valuable information, it's also a place to get involved with projects which directly impact the care and well-being of the planet. The Thrive movement aims to make a positive difference in the world which we all share and live in.




If you're new to channeling then this may well be a good introduction to the whole subject. Lee Carroll's web site has a great deal of information from the many sessions that he has conducted around the world. In his words - This website is an esoteric spiritual site featuring channeled information from Kryon, a loving angelic entity. This work is now over twenty years old, having been started by Lee in 1989. The site is packed with information that is free to download, print out, and use for your own spiritual learning and growth.


Mayan Majix


This site was created by a really gifted man named Ian Xel Lungold. He was the main force behind deciphering the Mayan calendar and its meaning. As a consequence of his work, he made a series of videos while giving some of his many talks about the whole subject. In them he explains what the Mayans knew many thousands of years ago which we're only just beginning to understand today. His discoveries were in part due to conversing with Mayan elders, still living today, who passed on ancient knowledge which had been handed down through the ages. The successful Mayan culture, which flourished for over 5,000 years, knew how to live in harmony with the Cosmic impulses of all life. This is explained in detail in the videos. The main one to watch first of all is this one - VIDEO LINK


Abraham Hicks


This web site is for a lady who channels Abraham. She wrote a book called 'The Law of Attraction' which in turn gave rise to a popular movie entitled The Secret. If you would like to watch the first 20mins of this movie then click.

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