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Useful Internet Resources

The list of links below are for sites which have lots of information about a variety of subjects and for varying levels of interest. Each has a brief explanation of what you will find there but none of them are in any way connected with religious organisations.


The books which we publish invariably have channeled material in them. If you're not familiar with this term or know very little about the subject as a whole then you can find out more by taking a look at the videos below. Even though the voice and cartoon nature of the first one may initially seem a little quirky, don't be put off as the content is the most important thing to focus on. This video offers a good introduction to something that everyone needs to be aware of.

This second video is by a lady called Esther Hicks who, while channeling, explains to someone in the audience what it means to channel and roughly how it works. It's quite a light hearted discussion and is a good introduction to seeing someone actually doing it live before an appreciative audience.

Special Interest Web Sites

Below is a list of links that you will hopefully find useful as well as informative. They cover a range of topics to do with many aspects that you have come across in the books. If you feel the need to understand more about what you have read, then one or more of these web sites may have the relevant answers for you or at least lead you in the direction of finding what you want; if you haven't come across it here on this site.

Psychic and Metaphysical Web Sites

Here you will find listed some web sites which are included specifically to give more access to people with psychic talents and their work.

Movie Clip - 'The Secret'

This is the first twenty minutes from the movie called The Secret which is a personal account of one lady's understanding of what's called The Law of Attraction.

The Mayan Calendar Explained

The Mayan calendar continues to be a source of great mystery. This is part 1 of 2 videos where Ian Xel Lungold explains what he discovered through his inspired work deciphering the amazing stone which had all the complex symbols on it. It's a long and involved lecture but covers a great range of subjects some of which are very revealing.