Book Interior Design

Book Interior Design

As an important part of the publishing process, we have the ability to design quality book interiors. This aspect of contributing to the professionalism of the finished product takes into consideration many factors. In principle it is intended to reflect and compliment the content of the original manuscript.


A well designed book makes all the difference to the reading experience. It's one thing to have a well written manuscript, but a poorly designed book layout which is then printed on inferior quality paper, will inevitably undermine the finished product; and only end up spoiling things for the author and reader alike.


Each book which we publish has the same care and attention dedicated to it, so that the finally published work reflects the effort which had initially been put into the writing. In the near future, this is a service that we would like to offer to authors who also want to see their works presented in the best possible way. It's well worth the investment.





In support of any good book design process, the aspect of considerate and well-crafted typesetting is essential. With the use of powerful professional software, this can be achieved where we present the finished work in the most easily readable form. Words are all important, but when anything gets in the way of them being read effortlessly and enjoyably, then it can only detract from the overall reading experience; not to mention spoiling a good story.


Typesetting involves much more than simply putting something together in a word processing application, and then printing it out. The arranging of letters and spacing on a particular page size, and then perpetuating this consistently accurately throughout the entire volume, is a precise art. In the days of old, it used to take a very long time to assemble words and letters by hand so as to produce a similar result. Fortunately, this can now be done by sophisticated computer programs, but the very same principles still apply.


Even the careful spacing of individual letter pairs can make a difference between the meaning and effect of a particular sentence being conveyed effectively, and then being appreciated or lost. Flow is all important, where the typesetters art should only ever be noticed when it falls short of presenting the writing in the most easily accessible and meaningful way.



Cover Design

Cover Design

As much as getting the interior of the book right is obviously really important, we appreciate that the front cover is essential in having an eye-catching design. As such, it needs to encapsulate what the potential reader can expect to find when he or she buys the book.


In this respect, we take a lot of care to produce the very best designs possible. Hopefully they are instantly recognisable, as well as being memorable, and set the tone for what the particular title has to offer.


At present, all of our designs for paperbacks, hardbacks and eBooks are done in-house. This is a skill which we have developed over the years of being an independent publisher. Again, this is a specialist service which we would hope to offer other authors in the near future.



Audio / Video Products

Audio Video

In keeping with the ever-increasing demand for audio / visual products, we have for quite a while been producing videos for Youtube and have audio books in the making. With a long experience in the world of audio production techniques and equipment, our aim is to offer first class recordings to compliment the written material.


As time progresses, and our technical resources increase, the aim is to further develop this aspect of our business. With the advent of multimedia devices being used to listen to books being read, or gathering information about them, it's a facility which can only play an ever-increasing part in people's lives.


Creating good quality audio books depends on understanding the material. Wherever possible the authors read their work. No one has a better understanding for the message or emotion which is intended to be conveyed. Good videos can be a great way to add to the experience of enjoying audio books.



Publishing for Authors

As an independent publisher, it has been possible to see both sides of the book industry and to appreciate what authors face in their quest to have manuscripts put into print. If you are interested in gaining a better understanding of this process, and the hurdles which you may have to overcome, there are organisations which offer good advice. Some are listed below -



Alliance of Independent Authors


As a resource for all manner of information and advice on writing and publishing, Alli is a great place to start. In their own words -

Our Organisation

ALLi, the Alliance of Independent Authors, is a non-profit professional association for authors who self-publish. Our alliance offers connection and collaboration, advice and education, advocacy and representation to writers who want to self-publish well. Mission: Ethics and excellence in self-publishing. Motto: Working together to help each other.


Writers Guild UK


This is a website for writers who earn their living from their trade. If you are looking to get into writing to make a career from it, then this is a really good source of information. In their own words - 'The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain (WGGB) is a trade union representing professional writers in TV, film, theatre, radio, books, comedy, poetry, animation and video games. Our members also include emerging and aspiring writers'.


Joanna Penn's Website


Joanna Penn is a successful independent author who has written many books on the subject of creative writing and getting books into print as an indie author. She has a wealth of information based on her many years of experience and is an active speaker at many book fairs etc. She also has Q&A videos in partnership with Orna Ross from Alli, which can be seen on Youtube.


Mark Dawson's Website


Mark Dawson offers webinars and courses to guide authors who are new to the business of publishing through the steps of getting a book into print; or published in digital format. His valuable insights are well presented, and help to clear up many of the mysteries which lie on the pathway to publication of a manuscript. He has a newsletter and blog, where he covers a wide variety of topics which explains much about what hurdles are likely to arise and how best to overcome them.


The Independent Publishing Magazine


This specialist website has a lot of interesting information, useful articles, tips and advice about the world of writing and publishing. If you are interested in all aspects of book creation and the book sales industry, then this is a very useful resource.


Writers Weekly


This USA based web magazine covers a variety of issues which will surely be of interest to any aspiring independent author or journalist. In heir own words - is one of the oldest and most respected sites on freelance writing. It has been published continuously since 1997. It's part of the, Inc. family of businesses, which includes POD and ebook publisher, Abuzz Press and Pub Preppers..


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