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In accordance with the clause 15a, sub section 23 paragraph xxxiii, and not limited to or excluding, by way, means or implications, be they tacit or otherwise implied, the articles of association set out in the primary iteration of the Treaty of Rome (tertiary proposal of the plenum committee quorum in absentia), the party of the first part, who in no way is associated with the party of the second part, liberal or otherwise, makes no assurances in respect of when the world is predicted to come to an end; thereby rendering all debt and obligations pursuant to this time null and void. The upholding of the incontrovertible maxim that 'if you die in debt then you've made a profit' is acknowledged'. Without prejudice of course.


If you are reading this and have been inexplicably motivated to venture this far, then please take some good advice and 'get a life'. There are far more important and interesting things to do than read nonsensical playground rules made up by men ( and sometimes women ) who insist on tinkering with life, because they think that they know better. They don't! The law is just a game, and only benefits those who know the rules of that game, and exactly how to play it.

Just think about it for a moment and ask yourself this. Why is that someone has to study for three or four years at university to understand something which is purported to be for the good of the common man, the person in the street? Does that make any sense? Something that is supposedly for the good of mankind, but which is so complex and full of 'opinions' that it can't be understood by the very people it's meant to govern and guide. That's totally nuts and completely uncivilised!!


There is no such thing as 'law' which exists on the planet at this time. There are only silly rules, which can be broken or manipulated; and then argued over at great cost ( both financial and/or emotional ). The only true 'Laws', or 'Principles' are set out in a little known work called the Kybalion. This book tells of the seven immutable laws of the Universe, which govern all things; whether you like it or not. They are true 'Laws' and relate to the use of energy ( which is what everything is made up from! ).


One of these Laws, or Principles, that you may be familiar with, is that of Cause and Effect. Whenever you 'Cause' something to happen, by your thoughts, words and deeds, there inevitably is a consequent 'Effect'; or a 'reaction'. It may be Good or Bad, depending on how you like to qualify it. You may choose to ignore it, but it's inescapable.


Everything you do has repercussions, simply because you influence energy by virtue of your very presence on this earth. Energy is everything and it obeys rules, or Laws, even if you're not aware of them. This is what you are here to learn. Chronicles of a Secret Pathway is a book that's being written to teach this in an entertaining way. The real question is, why is this subject not taught in schools when it's so incredibly important? No wonder the world is in such a mess, while we all go blundering about through not appreciating what we're doing. It's like an unsupervised kindergarten with the bullies making up the rules to suit themselves.


If the human race is to survive and evolve then it needs to learn what it's doing. This is not any kind of hippie philosophy, but something which is known world-wide by wise souls who have a true understanding of Nature. We, as humans, are guests of Nature. But instead, we insist on telling it how it has to be according to what's most financially beneficial to ourselves. It's crazy and a thoroughly blinkered way to live. It's also incredibly disrespectful to something which provides us with the means to grow and prosper as we do.


Everything on this planet we find here. We have everything we need because we are provided for. Everything is free and given to us by Nature and the planet. We either dig it up or grow it. But then those who think that they are entitled to some kind of reward for finding it, or growing it, demand payment in something called money - which doesn't actually exist. Those that make the money, from things which they find here, lend it out and want even more back than they have loaned. They expect more money to be paid back than they, the ones who issue the money, loan out. Where do they think that this money will come from? Outer space? It's insane!


The only terms and conditions that we have, are the very same as those which govern the Universe. Be honourable in your dealings, treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself and do no harm. It's a simple principle to live by, and one which will bring peace and harmony to the world which we live in if adopted with one heart. It also corresponds to the spirit of the seven 'Laws' of the Universe. If you've got this far and are genuinely interested, please read the right hand column of this page ( or the column below if you're on your phone or tablet ); where they are set out in brief for you to study. It will be time well spent in doing so; that's a promise.



Hermetic Law

While reading the following, it's prudent to bear in mind the timeless wisdom, which clearly states - "The possession of knowledge, unless accompanied by a manifestation and expression in action, is like the hoarding of precious metals - a vain and foolish thing. Knowledge, like wealth, is intended for Use. The Law of Use is Universal, and he who violates it suffers by reason of his conflict with natural forces."


The Principle/Law of Mentalism

This is the most difficult of all to understand. Primarily because it deals with the part of us which tries to make sense of everything - our mind. If you take a moment to appreciate that the mind has no concept of love, then it will immediately become clear that mind has its limitations. What this principle states is that 'What you think, is who you are'. Your attitude of mind serves to colour the world that you see around you. To change your world, first change the way in which you think about it. In other words, the world is a mental concept. Think about this, but don't attempt to analyse it as you do. Tricky, but possible; and highly necessary.


The Principle/Law of Correspondence

This is also known by the expression - 'As Above, So Below; As Below, So Above'. It means that the Universe is a reflection of what exists at the smallest level with the atoms which make up your body. It is, in part, why the planets etc. have such an influence on you. Everything is connected. There is no such thing as - 'Out There'. When we gaze at the mystery of space, then we are looking into the very mystery of life and ourselves. An inner understanding brings with it an outward awareness; which is also termed 'enlightenment'.


The Principle/Law of Vibration

The physics that you were taught at school states that solid objects are comprised of tiny things which are constantly in motion. The rate at which they vibrate creates a quality of energy which expresses who you are. It's only necessary to think of a time when you have met a complete stranger who you either reacted badly to, or felt an immediate affinity for, without understanding why, to appreciate their 'vibes'. If you were attracted to them, then your vibrations were of a similar frequency. Your thoughts directly influence your vibrations. Darker thoughts = lower vibrations. Think yourself happy!!


The Principle/Law of Polarity

Whatever you are dealing with then it occupies a position on the scale of opposites. Hot/Cold, Praise/Blame, Wet/Dry, Fame/Shame, Happy/Sad, Loss/Gain, Black/White, Pleasure/Pain, High/Low etc. Everything moves between two points, where once again balance is sought as the optimum state in all things.


The Principle/Law of Rhythm

Absolutely everything has a rhythm. The seasons, the moon, the tides, the planetary movements, women's bodily cycles, the rise and fall of empires, the warming and cooling of the planet. All are subject to a rhythm, and are just as unchangeable as night and day. Every body has its rhythm and is subject to influence by many things. Biorhythms have shown this to be true. To understand the rhythms of the body, and the attitudes of mind which plays a really crucial part in this, is to move one step closer to improved health, happiness and contentment.


The Principle/Law of Cause and Effect

This is also known as - 'What you give Out, is What You get Back'. Everything we do, directly influences the energy that we are and which is around us. It's a plain fact of living. We cannot help but do otherwise. However, we can help how those effects are felt. Loving energy brings love in return, where anger and hatred engender like responses. You cannot 'fight for peace'. It directly contravenes this Law/Principle to do so. The energy of anger, fear and aggression will never produce a peaceful outcome or lead to feelings of love and forgiveness. To think that it works any other way is delusional.


The Principle/Law of Gender

The energy which exists in this Universe, and in you, takes on the form of either male or female. This is not the same as sexual energy. At present, male energy rules the world and why we see so much violence and aggression. The female energy has been suppressed for centuries, and so things have got very badly out of balance. It has to come back to being a mix of the two before harmony exists on our planet. Male and female energies need to compliment each other. An atom has both a negative and positive charge. Male and female. Atoms exist in balance to create matter. We have to learn from this example.




Obviously it's only possible to give a thumbnail explanation of a subject which has such far-reaching implications. In this respect, there will soon be a book available which explains things in a much more accessible way; where all of the Principles have been woven into an entertaining story. It's title is - The Chronicles of a Secret Pathway.

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